Brebis Project Gaming How Do I Deal with Toxic MMO Gaming Players?

How Do I Deal with Toxic MMO Gaming Players?

MMO (massively multiplayer online) gaming is a rapidly growing subculture. It has been around for over 20 years, and with games like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, and EVE Online, it has helped spawn an entire online community. In MMO games, players assume the role of a character within a massive, interactive virtual world and engage in quests and battle other players. These games have a massive, active player base and take a lot of time, money, and effort to play. When you spend that much effort playing games, it seems like normal players should be kind, helpful, and less toxic. But toxic players, like extreme sports fans, frequently exist and negatively impact the gaming experience for other players.

Things to Deal with Toxic MMO Gaming Players

We know from experience that when online gaming becomes an addiction, there are serious consequences. Many online players, despite having the best of intentions, find themselves stuck in negative relationships with other players. They become angry with people over in-game disputes, or they start gossiping behind the backs of other players. Toxic players may even go so far as to make threats or engage in violence. To avoid toxic MMO gaming playing, here are the things that you should do or remember.

Play when you’re in the mood

A game is just a game you won for a particular level or session, but you could be losing, too. You’ll be excited and feel more challenging when you experience both wins and losses. But if you become irritated with the game because of straight losing, you should stop playing anymore to avoid some toxic gamer that you may encounter. There is some other time to play that game again, to win, and to achieve a higher rank. Because if you would continue your game, you just become more irritated, especially if you encounter some toxic gamer who always looks down on your game techniques.

Don’t chain up with the play.

If you are experiencing a losing streak, you can take a break. You can sometimes win than keep up to play the game, but you’ll get more frustrated with it. And the worst thing is you can end up arguing with some toxic gamers. It is much better if you scroll your phone or PC to see some memes that would cheer you up or some online things that would relieve your frustration from the game. It’s okay to get some help too. If you’re playing an MMO like Diablo 2, there are so many online resources that could help you make some strong characters if you follow an online bowazon build d2r or sorcerer build. With their help, you could make a character that might help you break your losing streak.

Don’t be a loner player.

If you are frustrated with your game, avoid playing alone. You can invite one of your friends to play with you or maybe another gamer you played with, if they are willing to tag along with you into another play. Or, perhaps if you are really frustrated with your game, stop it first and visit some gamer’s group page and talk to them about their game, and maybe you can gather some info to win your game again. If you are one of them that doesn’t have friends, you can do the live stream of your game. You don’t need to be professional or have a webcam to stream your game. Just use your headphones. At this point, you can talk to yourself while gaming live stream, and you’ll know that you will end up being friends among your viewers.

Dealing with other players being toxic

It is a lot easier if you’re dealing with toxic gamers than dealing with your toxic self. Because if you encounter a toxic gamer and you are toxic as well, you will end up fighting back and forth in the chat. But if you are not one of the toxic gamers, it is easy to ignore them and avoid having a chat or contacting them so you’ll enjoy your gaming without experiencing negative feedback from other gamers. You can ignore them muting the chatbox, or maybe you can hide the chat. That way, it is possible for you to play a long, fun, and challenging game without being interrupted by unnecessary comments or chat.

As a gamer, you may have had a tough time avoiding frustration or toxic people while in-game. It is not bad if you try to remember and do all the things above. Who knows, it may even prove helpful for you. And you could avoid being one of the toxic gamers you encounter in your game.

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