About This Blog

This blog is for tech enthusiasts and gamers. My name is Colin Brebis and I am a 29-year-old computer technician living in London. I started this blog to explore my interests in technology further with a wider group of people who have also got lots of facts and information about computers, gaming, cybersecurity, as well as a variety of other things. I feel like I spend pretty much my whole life on the computer whether it’s at work or gaming with my friends in the evenings (of course when my girlfriend is asleep or out… mostly!). I am a huge gaming nerd and I have always been fascinated with how computers work and how to improve them. 

This is why I am constantly tinkering with all kinds of technology and computers so that I can continue to learn more and get better at my job and finding the best technology there is out there. 

In terms of gaming, I like a large variety of games where I tend to play a lot of cross-platform and team games so I can play with my mates in the evening. However, I am partial to the odd single-player games although a large amount of story does tend to put me off and make me feel quite bored. Maybe this blog could be a good way to gain advice from you guys on some amazing less-known games that you guys all play. 

So check out my blogs latest updates and subscribe to my blog if you like what you read.