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5 Ways You Can Customise Windows 11

Windows is one of the most popular software platforms in the world, with a large community of users who love to customise the system to their needs. This is why you’ll often see users add or remove options from the Control Panel or change the desktop wallpaper. The default appearance and functionality of Windows are designed to be simple and easy to use, but there are plenty of ways to tweak the OS so it looks and works more to your liking.

Customising Windows 11

If you’re tired of the same old way of working and want to try something new, the way you customise your windows is a good option. Many people have the same default settings on their PC, which can lead to annoying behaviours like frequent notifications, a long list of “known” software, and so on. Windows 11 has some good options for customising the way you use your computer, so here are some of the best ways you can customise Windows 11:

  1. Customising the Taskbar Settings – Windows 11 makes it possible to reduce the clutter of your Start Menu and Taskbar to only what you need to see. The Windows 11 Start menu may be missing some features that we are used to on Windows 10, but the biggest change is that the sidebar is no longer available to you. Instead, you can use the Taskbar to customise which apps appear and what they do. This can be done quite easily by changing the settings on the Taskbar and clicking “Customise.”


  1. START11 – The Windows 11 Start Menu takes some getting used to, both because it’s different from the traditional menu and because it’s been streamlined. It’s hard to miss the fact that the Start Menu icons resemble the icons of your apps and folders. No more, no less. Still, there are a lot of Start menu customisation options available. Start11 is one way that you can customise the Start menu. One of the most notable ones is Start11, a free (no cost) tool that allows you to move your Taskbar and Start Menu to the left side of the screen. Start11 is an easy-to-use app that can be installed by anyone and then can be customised to do whatever you want.


  1. Windows 11 Classic Context Menu – Windows 11 is already big on customisation, and Windows Classic Context Menu is one of the ways to customise Windows 11. Context menus are a handy way to access various functions of your computer, and there’s no shortage of options when it comes to making them available to you. You can customise the Context Menu so that it shows a classic Windows menu instead of the Bing search icon when you right-click on the Start Orb.


  1. Fences – Windows 11 is a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users, but users will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free if they are willing to wait. However, the free upgrade offer has some interesting features that you can install before you upgrade. The first feature that we’re going to talk about is called the “fences,” which are small blocks of colours that you can set for different parts of the screen. Fences are a great way to add a little personality to your home or office, but they can also serve a practical purpose: they can block unwanted views or noise.


  1. Powertoys Run – One of the great things about the new Windows operating system is that it allows you to customise your Windows experience to your liking. While many of the standard features come built-in, you can further customise your Windows experience with Power Toys, a new feature that enables you to change the way Windows looks and behaves. Powertoys, also known as gadgets that a computer runs to make your job easier, is one of the ways you can customise Windows. You can have a computer at home that automatically calls your children every time it detects they have left the house or one that scans for and displays the cheapest gas station on your daily commute. In the office, you may find yourself using a program that scans for and displays the cheapest (and fastest) restaurants in your city.


Windows 11 is a major overhaul, and the new features are sure to amaze. But it’s important to understand what’s new before you start tinkering with settings since many of the changes come in the form of new features that don’t affect the user experience too much.

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